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Shea butter pomegranate soap

soap shea butter pomegranate Here’s a good bar of soap.  Don’t know the exact ingredients, but I got it at Ross dress for less this summer.  Real good deal for 4 bars/6.50.  It’s shea butter and pomegranate  with a nice pomegranate smell (berry citrus).  I don’t use it for bath soap although it’s good enough too. 

Wonder where it comes from.  It’s good soap and just like the chip factory I worked in one summer, same corn curls come down the line; only the bags change- Jay’s, Mckearns, Old Dutch….so many brands and it’s the same corn curl.   Just like in the soap factory- same soap but different brands and wrappers.  So I’m wondering… where does this soap come from?

Could it possible come from the same place where Nancy Boy soap is made?

Ok, now you know what I like to do.  I go around online looking for soap.

image  They are not identical, yet a little similar. Probably not from the same factory.   Just wondering what other kinds of  soap are just like the Shea/pomegranate bar, but  marketed under a different name.


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