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My happy find of the season

I went to the health food store to aid in my bar soap stash by looking for lanolin soap (which I did not find), but look what I found instead.

image 100% pure Lanolin from Now brand in a 7 oz. jar.  Since they didn’t have any lanolin soap, I figured why not take home a jar of pure lanolin? It was only $7.00.

Lanolin is a natural oil derived entirely from the fiber of sheep’s wool. It is secreted from the skin of sheep and becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool, giving protection from rain and moisture. It is useful in homemade skin cosmetics and also applicable to hair creams. Lanolin can be used like petroleum jelly on chapped skin and as a moisturizer.    quote from online about Now brand Lanolin.

  lanolin  Look at it’s rich consistency. (opps, I jiggled the camera) Since it’s an animal product- sheep; it adheres to perfume when you wear it and enhances your perfume if there are animal notes in it as many fragrances have (only synthetic  notes now).  But for the vintage perfumes that contain real civiet, castoreum, musk and ambergris it adds considerable richness in scent to what you are wearing.

  I’m so glad I did buy a jar.  I’ve been reading up about it which led me wanting some.  Niva cream article  by Octavian Coifan that includes interesting points on lanolin.  (don’t forgot to read the comments on the article too, interesting.)  I opened the jar and was quite surprised at the consistency of the lanolin.  It’s like sticky thick honey  in tone and color; omitting a a distinctive smell that is resin like and  medicinal, although if you add it to something- like my homemade salve, it’s not as strong and blends to a beautiful scent.

Last night I bit my lip and this lanolin on it is thick and protective.  A natural animal (sheep) substance that is great for you; that’s my happy find of the season!  When I opened the jar, I mixed some lanolin with the salve I make.  My salve has coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils plus beeswax and it came to life when I swirled the lanolin in it.


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