a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Chanel variety pack


This is the box beyond the empty bottles in yesterday’s post.  I took the lid off for you to see my little Christmas present from last year from someone who is entering the world of fragrance with pizazz.   All these little beauties have been reformulated whereby the original was so much better, probably never to be retrieved again in a bottle. These miniatures are about 3ml’s each.   From left to right:

Chanel #5              I always smell the civet in the vintage.

Coco Mademoiselle   (lot of grapefruit, I like this one!) It’s a floral oriental.

Chanel Allure           forgot what it smells like for now.  The perfume guide             classifies it as a “grim floral”.   Must not rate so well.

Chanel #19           Lots have been written about this one.  As I  opened the lid for the picture, I decided to put some of this one on.  It made me think of Cabachard.  Some ingredient in there is the same as Cabachard.  it is a green floral.

Coco                    Used to wear this in the 80’s, but it’s different; it’s been         reformulated.  Way to strong and to me it has a non descriptive heavy perfume scent to the point of I just can not wear it. If you do wear it, a little goes a long way.  It’s not like a light citrus where you can spray and spray.


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