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Green house- phase 1

green house I never dreamed I’d ever get a green house!  Here’s the start of it.  This used window shown in the photo and the other windows not in yet are from the thrift store; the door too.  It’ll have a neat glass door ( there it is lying on the ground to the left of the photo.)  lay and lying… here’s your grammar lesson for the day!

greenhouse door Now the front door is in, although I could not open it  when I was walking through there.  I’ll have to fix the ripped screen in the upper part of the door.

Photo below is the cracked window (happened when it got set in the frame; oh well, the one on the other side looks ok.  The front door is to the left of this window.  I can’t wait to read a book  along with a  chocolate  candy bar as I sit  inside this greenhouse come spring time.

greenhouse broken window gren house plant window Here it is, same photo as the first photo, except for the addition of windows on either side of the plant window and the front door on the other side.


One response

  1. melissa

    Very cool! How exciting to have a place for your plants and to grow things! I wish I had a green thumb…but mine seems to be BLACK!

    August 20, 2010 at 9:26 am

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