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my hen pecked hen

penny henny It’ looked  this bad 4 weeks ago from the other hens pecking at her, so I removed her from the flock to roam  the backyard.    She’s getting better, but really wants to go in with the rest of the hens in the fenced in area.  I guess she doesn’t know that they could draw blood if they keep pecking at her.

Some time later-  Well, it’s been over a month now and she is much better!  The amount of skin shown is the size of a dime now instead of the photo above, but there’s still a problem.   I put her back in the hen court yard and the other hens chase her and peck at  her!  After 10 minutes of that, I brought her out of the enclosed hen area to roam the back yard once again- this time permanently.  I need a chicken sociologist to figure this one out!

penny henny and egg OK Penny Henny,  you can go back to laying your eggs behind the dog’s food dish in the 1/2 of cat carrier.   I lifted up the carrier lid to take the photo)  See the dog’s paw to the right?) 

henny penny 2 She sleeps there at night too.  Our doggie (dog house to the right of photo not shown ) doesn’t bother her either.


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