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More on Sarah Morgan

image Here is Sarah’s dear older  sister – Miriam



image This is Jimmy, Sarah’s little brother and she named her little bird in the cage after him.  He was fighting for the South somewhere out there.  Sarah  rarely knew where he was or if he was alive or not.

image Sarah’s  home that she grew up in, the home that got plundered by the Yankees.  In the book she talks of singing on the balcony very often with the family, when father was alive, after he was gone and when the Yankees occupied Baton Rouge, which was before they fled so Baton Rouge could be bombed .   Notice the  balcony with it’s dramatic arches!

photos- courtesy of this website

Here’s a quote that reminds me of Petticoat Junction!  remember how  they stopped the Hooterville Cannonball  train to pick apples…go fishing, and whatever else?

Linwood September 17th Wednesday     

    …through glad to leave Clinton,  I was sorry to part with mother…. we were the only ladies on the cars except Mrs.  Brown, who got off half way; but in spite of that we had a very pleasant ride as we had  very agreeable company.    The train only stopped 13 times in the 20 miles.  five times to clear the brush weed from the telegraph lines, once running back a mile to pick up a passenger, and so on, to the great indignation of the passengers abroad who would occasionally cry out “  Hello!  if this is the ‘cleaning up’ train, we had better send for a hand car!”    “What the devil’s a matter now?”  until the General  gravely assured them it was an old habit of  this very accommodating train, which in the summer time,  stopped whenever the passengers wished to pick blackberries on the road.


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