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Through the eyes of Sarah Morgan

image I feel like I’ve been through the civil war these last 2 weeks as I plow through Sarah Morgan’s 2 inch thick diary.   Just today I found this photo of her online!  Now I know what she looks like.   What a time in history the civil war was, especially hard on the southern women.

Miss Morgan didn’t take kindly to the ladies around her spitting at the Yankee soldiers and officers as they walked by in Baton Rouge which was her home town.   She had some decency and wasn’t going to stoop to that.   where I got the photo from

It seems as though I met her through her diary entries.  When her dad died, it was so touching as she loved him very much and her brother died- her favorite brother.  She was so close to her sister too.  There were 6 books in all she wrote which are compiled in one big book that you can get from the library and of course there is Amazon  to go to for a dozen reviews .

I’ll do a few excerpts from her book in the next few days.

Here’s 2 short ones:

August 15th,

I am in despair, Miss Jones who has just made her escape from town, brings a most dreadful account.   She, with seventy five others, took refuge at Dr Enders, more than a mile and a half below town, at  Hall’s.  It was there we sent the two trunks containing father’s papers and our clothing and silver.  Hearing that guerillas had been there, the Yankees went down, shelled the house in the night, turning all those women and children out, who barely escaped with their clothing and let the soldiers loose on it.  They destroyed everything they could lay their hands on…. they even stole Miss Jones’ braid!  she got here with nothing but the clothes she wore.

August 17,

Thursday we heard from a lady just from town, that our house was standing the day before, which somewhat consoled us for the loss of our silver and clothing…


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