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Habit Rouge

image It’s an old Guerlain  made for a man, but worn beautifully by a woman.  This bottle is what you get  and I prefer  the EDT compared to the EDP only because I read the EDP has more Agur wood (oud)  in it and I think it’d be too heavy for me, although I could be surprised  some day  on liking it.


image Here’s two older bottles of it.image  

I know it’s been reformulated but my own experience with that has to do with the two bottles I have.  One I bought a few years ago which is  the EDT strength and it was richer and stronger than the one I received recently in a  perfume bottle swap.  Changes, changes changes, although the 2nd bottle was more citrus like which was a nice change.     Id’ like to smell the authentic older versions of Habit Rouge and I’m sure they are deeper, richer and better.

 Has lavender in it too, which   mixes well with the amber powder parts of it.  Who  could get tired of this scent?  Not me. 

image Here’s another old bottle of Habit rouge.  I thought it was older, but I think it was brought out in 1965.


About that u tube clip of Jean Paul Guerlain down at the bottom- how sweet of his mom to get him a strawberry pie for his birthday even in the turmoil of being ousted from where they lived because the Germans took over the building that very day.

Citrus/powder/ leather?  I don’t smell the leather, but it must blend in well it it’s in there.  I do get a hint of tobacco, just a hint.  It is sweet, vanilla like… just a great blend. 

Below is a short clip of jean- Paul Guerlain who created habit Rogue.  He remembers his mother’s strawberry pie….



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