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old photo


Happy 4th of July !     Do you like old family photos?  Wonder what they thought when they saw the statue of Liberty at the end of their long journey to the United States.   Here’s my paternal great  grandparents .  That is quite some mustache on great grandpa isn’t it?  He died in a terrible lumber accident in Minnesota or Michigan, but they lived in Cheboygan Michigan.kinast old photo  Francis and Johanna M.(wonder what her middle name was)  are the mom and dad in the picture.  This photo was taken  about in the early 1880’s.  I can figure that out by my grandfathers birthday (small boy in front). 

I think the mom, Dad, and three oldest came over from Poland in about  1875.  The mom  must have been a young bride since she  was born in 1859.  Wish there was some diary or written account of something from the lady in the picture who I know nothing about.  Coming to America in the late 1800s must have been inviting because in school the kids had to learn Russian instead of Polish.   Poland was in the middle of Europe without natural boundaries; not an easy place to protect.


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  1. quilt32

    I love old pictures – mine or anyone else’s. That’s a wonderful picture – you’re so lucky to have it.

    July 5, 2010 at 2:11 pm

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