a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Why not decent dresses?

I love dresses!

vogue lady I wish I had this outfit and her shape!

black dress at sea shore Love this one, but the neckline so often goes too far down.  Doesn’t work for busty women with not much room from the cleavage to the throat area.  You shouldn’t go to tight, but a fitted look is what you want.  Hard to get it right – it’s a good thing we have full length mirrors.

50steens They had some stiff slips for these dresses, but I like the look.  You don’t have to include the saddle shoes and socks and with a current hair do, it would be  modern, yet still feminine if the material print was modern.

1950_Homecoming_canidates I like these little outfits!  How is it that these girls appear more wholesome in their outward appearance than  the mainstream  church going girls of today?  Their hair isn’t covering their eyes either.  I think that “hair in your eyes” look has gone way overboard today.  Tall ladies can wear a sweater and skirt like this and not look shorter, but short gals need the sweater and skirt to be the same color to lengthen them.

canvas I think this outfit is cute too.  You could update it with modest heel T strap sandals, omit the socks,  and roll up the cuffs of the wool blazer.  OK, throw in a book bag that looks sleek too.

image Love this old dress!  It’s something  I can’t wear.  First of all- my head is small and the puffy sleeves swallow a short person up.   Secondly, where do you wear it?  To Walmart?  We don’t have ball rooms and grand parties in this day and age.   where you find this on their website

image Here is the petticoat slip you make for the bussel.  image This one is so pretty- it’s stretch Satin in a gray polka dot!  81.00  price makes you want to sew one yourself, doesn’t it?image This color is dark chocolate.  I like these dresses! Another 81.00 price from the same place as the Satan  one above it.

imageknit dress are so slimming!  This one is from overstock.com.  It’s hard to find day dresses these days.  Dresses  that show some of your cleavage or breast  and are too short is what’s available.  Not good if you want longer dresses and no cleavage shown, which brings me to this dress form that I’d really like to have. for all my sewing ventures.image This one pictured is a Singer brand, but the price goes up when you want a plus size dress form.  I tried to make my own once on some post from a few years ago, the sticky paper one. but I’d go with the duct tape one if I ever do it again.  It’s so inexpensive and you get your exact shape!  Here’s the link of Mimi Goodwin making her own dress form.   she makes a duct tape dress form so why not wear decent dresses?


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  1. Anonymous

    These are beautiful. And I like your ideas for adjustments. I’ll try them out soon.

    April 26, 2014 at 2:25 pm

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