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my diary – like Anita Dwyer’s

Anyone read the June 13th post on the diary of Anita Dwyer Withers?  Well, I’m writing my own  diary like she did- short entries of this and that.  Didn’t write as much as she did and she had a quill pen unlike my keyboard.  She couldn’t include a photo as I did on 6/16.


Diary of Elizabeth (lisa) from Elizabethian Tea

June 3rd, 2010

We were going to take a day trip  to Cosco,  which is an hour away, but decided to delay it for a later time because the air condition has to get fixed in the car first.

June 13th, 2010

It is finally getting hot outside which is very good for the garden.  The pumpkin plant  has a tiny gumball size pumpkin on it.  I’ll make pumpkin casserole  when they are ready.  You clean out the pumpkin and stuff it with rice and cooked hamburger,onions and spices.  This will be the first year that my pumpkins came up so early.

June 16th, 2010


Went an hour away to Cosco today since we now have a Cosco card (after 5 years of not having one).   I got a  1 ft stack of these paper trays  to play restaurant at home.    I love these little paper food trays.  Makes me think of my kitchen as a deli!

June 18th 2010

I made homemade ravioli yesterday and it turned out delicious. Watched some u tube videos of people making it before I tried it.   I love to use the hen’s eggs when I make homemade things.  Used about 6 eggs.   The filling was ground up seasoned cooked hamburger, artichokes, and strawberry spinach.

June19th, 3010

We went strawberry picking today and have a lot of  freezing to do.  I’d like to try strawberry jam this year since I’ve never made it although I have made plum butter.  It smells like strawberries in the kitchen with two big boxes on the counter.   For lunch we had crackers, cheese and strawberries.


One response

  1. quilt32

    I love reading your diary – just little daily things that happen. The ravioli sounds so good and the lunch of crackers, cheese and strawberries sounds perfect.

    June 27, 2010 at 12:52 pm

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