a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

train today passed through

train This one stopped for awhile, so I took a few pic’s.  Maybe the driver was getting lunch on the other side of the tracks.

train door 4085 It was the BNSF 4085 and 3 other locomotives behind it.  See the door?  IT seemed odd to have a door there, must be to check on something.

steps on train Neat how the trains are linked to one another by the stairs at the end and beginning of the trains.


4085 front close up see the windshield wipers?


fuel tanks

Fuel tanks?  I don’t know.


train telephone poll As  I was photographing the train, every few minutes I’d hear a phone ring inside.  Who was calling?  I wanted to hop on board and take photos, but it’s government  property you know, so I didn’t.


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