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11 Points of things manifested to us through the bible

Here are the 11 points in the outline .   It was a good message on what is manifested to us today through Gods Word, the King James Version.   There is a quarter of a page of introduction  before you get to the 11 points of Pastor Paulson’s message.  You can find the video and audio message on his site  that accompany these notes.

Look at the intro section where the sub heading is:  “You cannot use these verses today”.  It made sense.  You don’t have to read these verses and be confused when you read your bible.  These don’t pertain to us today.   Have you learned to understand your bible better by these sermons of his?  I have.  He’s always changing the photos on his website, neat to see a lot of South Dakota.


image I found this old black and white photo of  what looks like a Dad, daughter and  brother- all holding snakes.  Are they rattle snakes?  I don’t know , but they don’t look dead yet!  Even the boy and girl have one!  South Dakota where Pastor Paulson is from has a lot of snakes.


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