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Tabac BLond


I did a post a ways back (couple of years ago)  on Caron perfumes and this Tabac Bond is one of them too although it stands alone  in distinctness.  If your husband asks you what you want for your birthday, anniversary… whatever the occasion that he will be spending money on you, tell him_ Tabac Blond.   It’s about 200.00 and it’s worth every penny.

It comes from this big urn of perfume in New York, but ask him to order it from Paris since the smell is a little different- it’s better.  The New York one has some cinnamon in it (seems to smell like it) and the Paris Tabac Blond smells more like motor oil in a good way.  I had samples of both  which led me to the comparison of the two .   I’d order from Paris if I was to get a bottle.

imageThey pour you a bottle from these big perfume urns when you order it.  Isn’t that neat?

image Here’s an old bottle of it.

image Here’s  what your bottle will probably look when you order it. One person’s take on it.

What’s so special about Tabac Blond?  The leathery sweet smell of it on your pillow is what’s so special.    It’s been around a long time, made in 1919 but after smelling the Paris version of it, the reformulations must have stood the test of time I figured out.

You are just going to have to get over the fact that perfume cost money.  Every women is worth a bottle of high quality perfume.  Somewhere down the line in life there will be money for perfume, so don’t cheat yourself out of  it.  Do you have to wait till you get diagnosed with cancer to realize you are worthy an expensive bottle of perfume?  Sadly, that is what happened to me.  Sometimes you can find a small amount in a bottle on Ebay too.

check out the paris caron place


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