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Plain pure Olive Oil for your bath


I have a post on making bath oil somewhere on this blog, but I discovered plain pure Virgin Olive oil  is just as good, and the bath oil just consist of essential oils added to the olive oil anyway, so just omit the essential oils and  pour 2 teaspoons or so of olive oil in your tub.  I use it with all my nice bath soap and the end result is that you feel so clean!   I even add it to my baking soda bath water.

image I’m not rooting for any one brand, but I always get the Extra Virgin olive oil and I get the one that gets bought up on the shelves  more quickly since Olive Oil doesn’t have a long shelf life, tends to get rancid.   I like the bottles and I’ll  pay more for it  rather than the plastic bottles or jugs.  


 image I get the Walmart brand a lot since it moves quickly on the shelves and I know it’s not rancid because lots of people buy it, and it’s in a glass bottle, not plastic.   We have hard water, which is why it is  no wonder I love to put olive oil in my bath since it’s a natural water softener.


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