a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

I’d like to get a solar oven

global sun  oven from blog This is what I’d  like to cook a meal in- a global solar oven you can buy one here

Here’s the global sun oven website, but don’t buy one here, use above link.  On the makers website, there are videos on how to set it up and cook in it.   Food does get hot and cooks in it.  Have to have a sunny day (even if it’s cold it works).   I don’t want to go camping without it.    I just want one for my own backyard! Forget camping.   You look on U tube and there are homemade ones too.  

You heat it up outside for 1  1/2 hour, then you put your dish in with lid.  Every 30 minutes  you have to turn it to the sun as the sun moves in the sky.  It takes about 2 hours (if I remember right)  for something to cook.  Don’t forget the hot pads because  as  you see the video’s on U-tube and the global sun oven website, your pot will get really hot!


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