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Rembrandt's portrait of Jeremiah mourning over Jerusalem 1630

Here’s the 2 messages on Jeremiah from April on the link below, and there are about 4 other ones prior to these two from the March page on Mike Paulson’s website.   Jeremiah is  about the judgment of God that they had to go through, compared to the apostle Paul’s message of the Goodness of God, which isn’t the same.   I like the way there is so much scripture on the note pages to go along with the video/ audio message.    Thank God we won’t be around for the tribulation 7 yr period that will be even worse than the captivity they had to go through back then.

Jeremiah notes and video/audio page

the introductory Jeremiah message is on the March page.  The link above is the April page where the next 3 Jeremiah messages are located.


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