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Nesti Danti soaps

You must think I’m up to my head in soap suds!  Well, I just love fine soap.  I’ve read about these online.  Good things are being said about this soap.  I picked it over Ophra’s W.’s  choice ( Claus Porto Soaps) which are more expensive and about 1/2 the size.   Nesti Danti saponi’s are  made in big cauldrons (are those called vats?) in Florance Italy.

 Nesti Danti soaps! I have the violet bar and my daughter has the Emozioni in Toscana one.  where I get these soaps    Don’t do what I did!  I cut my big violet bar in 1/2 to fit in my plastic soap dish.  What a mistake to cut that big fragrant soap, these big beautiful bars  should stay whole and you can put it away for a few months, then pull it out again. 

They are triple milled, rich and lather up beautifully although they do leave a ring around the tub.   I rotate my bath soaps so I don’t get any one soap left on my skin for very long.   I really enjoy this soap, yet Sweet Petula Sweet Petula soaps! is still my number one choice.

image       image

Violiet Nesti Danti bar and the Emozioni  in Toscana thermal water soap. This Emozioni  smells like white flowers as I sniffed it .  Wondering if  Lesa  uses these soaps in Italy? 


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