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olive oil soap

soap cut It really cut with ease because it’s fresh and still  has to dry out to last longer.  I forgot to take the photo of the big square block it came in.  If your husband gives you 30.00 (income tax refund)  what would you do with it?  Would you buy olive oil soap from France?  I did (soap was 20.00, shipping was 11.00)  click on here to get to where I bought the soaps click on “collections” on top, then go down about 7 where you find handcrafted soaps.   I got 10 bars out of this square block.  When I ordered, I got the 1000 grams one for 20.00.

olive oil soap 2 Notice the olive oils soap 1salt on the soap?  That is Mediterranean Sea salt, a sign of authenticity.  the soap is green because it has  at least 50% olive oil in it. See the “100” stamped on the bar with sea salt?olive oils soap 3 I wrapped the soaps up in the paper it came in.  The stamp on the paper says: Savon de Marseille Soap .  I think it means soap from the South of France.  The flyer that came with the soap says they’ve been making this soap like this since 1688 in the Middle Ages.  It is made of olive oils, vegetable oils (maybe palm?), alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean Sea salted water.

I love soap and I hoard it!  Sweet Petula is my favorite, but I’m posting about a few others to brighten my day.


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