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Google’s headquarters in CA

Check out current natural light building structures.

I wanted to show you this link to Google’s headquarters’ photos.  Maybe you are like me in respect to not leaving your small town much and  want to see other sights.  Here’s one- Google’s headquarters in Northern CA somewhere.

I like the Google headquarters

look at Google’s headquarters pic’s .  Hope you didn’t miss that last sentence- that is where you click on to see the workplace photos.   I like the swimming pool/ hot tub.   What else I noticed was the gymnasium feel of the whole complex.  I love to see what’s new in building designs.  There is a lot of light in the floor with all the cubicles.

You might get some ideas for your home!

You might pick up an idea for a room in your home.  Just wander through some of the other complexes.    See what they all have in common?  The open office environment with lots of natural light.  When will they start making schools like this? I always hated the  “no window” new schools that they were making in the late 70’s.

Check out the Microsoft headquarters in Bellevue/Redmond/Seattle

I want to go there for a day trip.  When he writes on the walls with a red marker, what would you write?   I’d draw a rooster.

Altaide office in Paris

They have class.  No gymnasium feel to their offices, but their whole business doesn’t depend on the creativity as Google and face book does, yet  they have a classy, modern office.

Sweden’s Google

I like their headquarters even more than California’s!!  More wallpaper, murals, and in the cafe you can eat on the ping pong table.

Post panic office in Amsterdam

Just goes to show you what you can do with the lighting in any given room.  I see so many ideas for the home in each working environment being featured…wow.

Do the Chicago Google video

This was my last visit on this work place page, although it doesn’t rate last.  Click on to the Chicago Goggles headquarters especially to view their all free cafeteria (if you are employed there ) and you can see that the food tops any nice restaurant around.  They know that meal time should be “lift your spirit” time.  Another home idea!  Hard to do at home when kids get older and everyone wants a sofa seat.


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