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Sweet Petula soap is tops

Sweet Petula’s website      This soap is for me.  I ordered it a  year ago and had it in my drawer… just last night I opened it and took a bath.   I don’t know if they still do, but they always have included a free nice gift when I opened my pkg.   Last time  they sent  their wonderful grapefruit salve in a tin, full size- not a sample.  image I think this one is my favorite (the one I opened last night) Fleur de Lis  which has Rose Geranium and Lemongrass oil in it.  the bars are big and fragrant.  They come wrapped up just like this photo.  Bye the way, each big bar is 6.95 and they are long lasting.  In the past, I’ve cut the bar in half so it’ll fit my little plastic soap case.  These soaps are worth every penny, even with  shipping cost. 

I’m getting the Ginger Patchouli  one if I order again. I’m saving the egg money I get from selling my hen’s eggs for the next purchase!  That one is called Ginger Blossom.   They have a blog too   click here for their  blog.

Life is too short to deny yourself beautiful soaps 

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