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potato nests for dinner

You got to see this short video of a potato nest which is just deep fried hash browns shaped in a metal strainer.  It’s time for something new to try so I’m thinking about this!     short 1 minute video on making a potato nest

In the next 1 minute video that you can follow on u tube, he woks some things for his potato nest, note this guy’s wok and how he rinses it with the water right there at the grill—some day  they’ll be making home kitchens  like this.  Maybe they already do! 

His knife!  What a chopping knife! Neat.  You’ll probably just grate your potato nest like I was thinking, but longer strings of potato will hold a circle better. What you going to put in your potato nest?  I think can tuna with cr mushroom soup over it would be good and peas.

image    image image Can make them in a muffin pan too.  The old Betty Crocker cookbook had a neat chip beef recipe and the little cups were bread pieces in a muffin pan to make a little nest/cup (like the third photo), then you put in chipped beef and cream sauce.  We had those for dinner sometimes and I thought my mom made up the idea until I saw it decades later in the Betty Crocker cookbook!

UPDATE- What was I thinking?  I don’t have the right kind of metal strainer for this.  I’m just going to make  hash browns and shape them in a pie pan, muffin tin, or some round Pyrex for the oven as a CRUST for whatever I want to make.


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