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sourdough rolls

I have been  daily feeding the sour dough starter and should have put a photo up earlier.  Here’s my sour dough rolls I make pretty regularly.  Usually I put  poppy seeds or sesame seeds on top of the rolls; these in the photo are plain.  Dec 3rd was my last post on the starter.

sourdough rollsThe sourdough starter I ordered was from Northwest Sourdough .  They have a lot of information on baking sourdough bread… getting the starter going… troubleshooting too.   Northwest sourdough’s website

In the bread maker is where I throw in the gooey starter that is in my pickle jar, along with flour, a little hot water, and I cheat- I put in a dash of bread maker yeast, so my sour dough rolls are not completely authentic.   I love the rolls it makes which are great for sandwiches.  The pizza crust is real great too.

You have to throw half of the goo out of the jar every day when you feed it more flour and water.  Who wants to throw it away?  which is why you end up baking more than you usually would.


One response

  1. quilt32

    The rolls look absolutely delicious.

    February 2, 2010 at 10:43 am

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