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The Caroline years

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These are the first four books in the Caroline series  written by Maria Wilkes and the next 4 (not on this post) are written by someone else.  My Dad was born in Milwaukee- 1914 which would have been when Caroline was 75 yrs old.  It is neat  to figure how your parents and relatives fit into the history timeline isn’t it?   I enjoyed these books, but  I am partial to  the way Mellissa Wiley writes; the author of the Martha Years and Charlotte years.

Caroline’s father died which was an even a more burdensome trial than it would be now days.   Her father was allowed to build the house and live on the land although he didn’t own it.  They ate way too much succotash because that is all there was at times. 

I enjoy the true history of the frontier like the Maple Frolic for instance, I think it was the 3rd book.  I never saw maple syrup being extracted from a tree.  All children should have some kind of class trip or family outing to see how that’s done.  I grew up in Wisconsin and never saw it being done.  Never heard of a Maple Frolic, which makes me wonder what maple dessert  would I bring if I lived back then.

How would you like to move to a cabin where you have to put down a plank floor on the dirt/mud “floor” before you move in?  Look at the bright side- no rock and roll, more family togetherness…more morals… I think  there was a very good side to living in that era!  I like the way Joseph and Henry are portrayed as responsible, respectful sons.  That’s how it should be not matter what decade of history it is.

On Top of Concord Hill (the last book) was especially interesting because a lot was happening in the book and it  all seemed so real even though it’s fiction, yet so much is historically accurate that it seems like it all happened.

Don’t you wish you could read a book of your generations of long ago in reading form like these books?  Maybe it’s up to us to start one!


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