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The Charlotte Years

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Little House by Boston Bay, On Tide Mill Lane, The road from Roxbury, On Puddingstone Dam

I loved this next series too although I didn’t get to read the 3rd book “The Road to Roxbury” since the library didn’t have it.  I think I just plain like Mellissa Wiley’s writings.   The  Martha series was more interesting of the two series, simply because Scotland  in that time period  seemed fascinating; especially the way the land was run by the lairds.

It’s neat the way the mom’s childhood is brought up again about her doll…. don’t want to spoil the book for you if you intend on reading it.  I feel bad about how the abridged series doesn’t include all of the author’s writings and how the first illustrator was replaced.  Just doesn’t seem fair does it?  If you notice above- the first two books have the new cover, while the 3rd and 4th book have the original illustrator’s cover.  Can’t wait to read the novel that Melissa Wiley is writing.  Wonder what it’s about?


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