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More on sourdough starter

After doing some reading on-line, I threw out my 4 day  starter and I’m starting a new batch according to Mike’s method of starting your own sourdough starter. I didn’t measure my first time (the photo on the previous sourdough post), so that’s why I’m starting over.  Guess what else?  I ordered some sourdough starter from this place: http://www.northwestsourdough.com/.   Oh boy!  You  have to log on to Northwest sourdough to see the videos.  You take a roaster lid and put it over your loaf of bread in the oven,  spraying it with water before hand and what a technique it is for getting the crust  just right.  I’m going to try it.

bakeryI’m so sourdough bread crazy that I called long distance today to order some pumpernickel bread from a bakery I found  almost 2 hours away.  I’ll be driving over there in a week and they only make pumpernickel on Thursdays… good thing I called in an order.  Their pumpernickel is made with a sourdough rye.   A piece of that toast with coffee from a percolator coffee pot is the ultimate breakfast.   The photo with the loaves is the shape of the loaf I get at the bakery.



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