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I’m making sourdough starter!

Did you know that sour dough bread is easier to digest than regular bread?  I was  reading about it… Here’s  the neat  website to get excited about sourdough starter for your homemade bread.  This winter I might make sourdough pretzels and bagels too!  As I keep reading about it I realized I didn’t need the grapes, but they were in the freezer from the garden, so I put them in.  I’m supposed to  strain them  out after a few days.

sourdough starter 1 12 hours after starting it. sourdough starter 2 Took this pic after I added rye flour and more water and put it in a jar.  Hope I can put of a photo of a nice loaf of sourdough bread in a week or more.  I think Ill have bread-n-butter and coffee on Christmas morning.  What motivated me to get this going was  some great pumpernickel bread that I’ve been toasting and having with coffee.  Some pumpernickel recipes include sourdough starter and I think it’s in the loaf I have.

go here to read a page on feeding your starter   I’m learning as I go along!  This professional baker says fed your starter twice a day!  Thanks to cell phones, you can call home and have someone else  put in water and flour and stir if you are running errands .  OK, twice a day! I’m only on day 3.   I think I’ll make a sourdough pizza next week if it turns out.


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