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Sprouting alfalfa

sprouts 1 I’m so glad I started this.  I promised that I’ll always sprout seeds from now on!  See how I put way too much water in there?  It  slowed down the sprouting, went a few days over.  it’s supposed to be twice the water per amount of seeds, but I over did it.    Thank you Chris from Utah!   She and her son showed a ll us ladies how to do this up at Peniel ranch.  They had a 5 gallon bucket full of sprouts!

sprouts 2  I should have got closer with this photo, – they have started sprouting.  This photo was a whole week from the first photo above.  Should only be 3 days later from what the U-tube video say. I rinse and drain every day- morning and evening.   They’ll be ready in 2 days or so.

sprouts ready Ready!

sprouts 3 This is the salad of sprouts I just ate!   I should have started sprouting years ago!  I’ll be sprouting seeds all winter, promised myself.  Went on U-tube to watch some sprouting videos too.  I can’t eat pizza again without a salad of sprouts.


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  1. A

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I like the new theme – appropriate to the shorter days we’re having. Makes the photos pop out.

    November 4, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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