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Rueben sandwiches

There’s this blog that I want to draw to your attention- it’s Lillian’s Cupboard.   You’ll find a recipe with photos there.  I did!  She really can cook terrifically.   I log on every so often.   She makes dishes I’d like to make, for instance- Rueben sandwiches is one of them.  Lillian’s post on Rueben sandwiches .   We eat em around here too.  I’ve been making rye bread and I have 5 jars of homemade sauerkraut for  them. 

brine for corn beef    Here’s the brine, and here’s the beef with garlic cloves on it before I pour the brine over it.  I put in these photos after I wrote corn beef bagthis post.  

I’m going to make my own corn beef from a round roast.  homemade corn beef recipe, one of many on the web.   You can use a brisket or a  bottom round roast says the recipe.  What led me to making my own  corn beef in a brine is a few things, first off, Walmart deli was out of corn beef.  Its expensive  there but my daughter doesn’t want Carl Budding’s little 70 cent packet of corn beef (I don’t mind it).   Secondly, I have the pickling spices need to make it and I have a roast in the freezer… so in 1 weeks and a few days for the roast to thaw, we’ll have our own corn beef!

U tube has some good video’s on making your own corn beef too.  Check them out if you are going to try it.    Here’s a few Rueben’s I pulled off the web:

rueben 1   rueben 2  rueben 3

Update on that corn beef I made:   I got it too salty.  It sliced like roast beef and tasted like salty roast beef.  I don’t know how  the deli and packaged stuff do it- but theirs is really different in texture and theirs is pink.  I didn’t put that ingredient in it that makes it pink, but it was still good in a Reuben sandwich.


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  1. quilt32

    Thank you for the link to my page. I admire you for making your own corned beef – I’m sure it’s much better than anything at the deli.

    September 27, 2009 at 5:39 am

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