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chokecherry jam

aronia berries august 28 09 I picked aronia berries yesterday, which are similar to a black currant.  They look just like blueberries and are also called Chokecherry berries.  The bushes are only 3 feet high and spread out a lot.

aronia berries close up Here’s a close up view of them.  They are really tart and super high in antioxidants.

aronia berry jam 8 28 09 Here’s the jam i made from them!  I used sure gell and am thinking I could make a pie with this too .  Ought to be just the thing to snack on in the dead of winter.

Update- The sure gel didn’t gel. I just opened a jar. That is ok, because  I then put it in Jell-O and ate it in the place of  cranberries with turkey.

Another update a year later- A great use for these cans of chokecherry berries is  to add to a blueberry pie.  That’s what I do with them.  They blend so well with the mild tasting blueberries.


One response

  1. Mike Sullivan

    send me your recipe

    September 23, 2009 at 6:31 pm

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