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Crystal Clear


Here’s a crystal clear under water photo. Understanding  “the more excellent way” that Paul talks about in  the bible has just been made crystal clear to me from listening to Pastor Paulson’s 2 hour message  on rightly dividing the Word of God.     notes to pauls Greater Commission presentation (1st one on top of page, sunday school the 2nd)

audio message of \”Pauls greater commission message\”

He made it clear! got questions?  Listen to this specific audio piece that took place in Ohio the last week of July.    It’s too much of a big thing to  ignore.  You’ll gain understanding by listening to this,   especially if you’ve been lied to all these years from  Pastors who don’t understand what they are saying.   Wish I could articulate  the whole issue of rightly dividing the Word of God like he does, nevertheless, at least I can direct you to an audio message on it.  The books of the bible are not in  chronological order, but  are in dispensational order.  This is such a clear presentation, it’s  crystal clear.


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