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camisole slips to sew

lacy camisole made into a slip lovely lace Using camisoles you already have can be turned into wearable slips.  I took my favorite camisole and put this skirt on it from some leftover material bin.  The skirt is a kind of heavy  cotton which normally would be too heavy for this lightweight camisole top, but it works because the skirt is short.  If it was longer, it’d be too heavy for the camisole and would pull it out of shape.  I have one dress where this slip is perfect for.

pink slip side view Here’s what I did with this  (had forever) pink camisole/ undershirt.  The $1.50 a yd pink cotton starch material is perfect for dresses where I want a stiffer skirt.   It’s almost the feel of bed sheet material- stiff cotton.  I did a post on slips a year ago… if you go in the search box to the right, just type in “ slips” and it’ll pull up.

Hope I gave some ideas for all the camisoles tucked away in your drawer that you are not using.


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