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zucchini fries (baked)

zuchinni fries july 21 09 First time I ever made these.  Two days ago someone left 4 zucchini’s at my door!  The funny thing is  the night before, I  came across this zucchini fries recipe ( at the time I was looking at the graham cracker recipe I’m going to make).

zucchini fries recipe I was looking at.   There are a lot of photos of these all over the web- fun to  see,  but this photo of my fries  is distorted because they look bigger and chunkier than they really were.  I didn’t put any parmesan cheese in the bread crumbs, but good thing I had a baggie of homemade breadcrumbs in the freezer.   These were delicious.

zuchinni Stuffed some zucchini with sweet onions .  Here it is before I flipped it over.  I coated it in olive oil and that’s paprika and some other salt on it.


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