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home made bath oil

smn bath oil Santa Maria Novella Bath Oil- (2 0z)  $78.00.  I’ve been thinking of this throughout the day… wishing I could have a bottle.  I’d pick the darkest bottle on the left or far right.   see the neat video about Santa Maria Novella It’s about 14 minutes.  I loved seeing the pharmacy, the way they make their soap… the lady putting on the labels by hand….  watch the video and you’ll see what inspired me to make up these bath oils today.

making bath oil 1 I made my own instead!   Didn’t even realize how many vanilla bottles I’ve collected.  They work great.  In the Pyrex is  unrefined coconut oil and olive oil.

The finished bath oils

making bath oil 2

  1. (left to right)  Vetiver and Rose absolute bath oil  these are 2 oz bottles.
  2. flue blend bath oil- Ravensara essential oil, Tamanu nut oil and Tangerine essential oil.
  3. Ginger Bath oil.  There’s about 30 drops of ginger essential oil in the bottle.  All these bath oils have the same base- unrefined coconut oil and Ex Virgin olive oil. (a little more coconut oil than olive)
  4. Lavender Bath oil containing lavender essential oil and lavender buds which float to the top of the bottle.    Wondering what these 4 bottles cost?  It’s kind of hard to tell… depends how much essential oils I use.  I’m estimating about  $7.00  for these 4 jars altogether (not counting the bottles or labels).   Bottles are expensive if you have to buy them.

Have to go take a bath and try one of them out now.

Update- These are wonderful.   I simply love them.  Silky skin is the result.


One response

  1. Melissa

    Just love your use of the vanilla bottles. I love to use the tabbasco bottles. I save all cute little bottles for these things. Thanks for the recipes and sharing.

    June 27, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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