a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies


image Look at this fruity delightful perfume!  Corrida by Satellite.

It’s a fruity lily of the valley scent.  I get a fruity grapefruit splash at the beginning, yet there is no grapefruit in the individual notes.

It is ripe fruit all the way and kind of reminds me of Emotionelle  by Del Rae, but Del Rae has melon fruit and Corrida has a berry fruit or it’s a red current..       Here are the notes:

Black current, rose, neroli, lily of the valley, jasmine, floral accord and sandalwood.

These fruity scents can’t be long lasting because  the molecules don’t have staying power like other notes do.  The sandalwood is in the base to give it the staying power, but it’s still not a whole lot.   Most fruity scents are sickly fruity , but this one is flowery fruity and doesn’t smell cheap.  Nice bottle too.


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