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Tuberose perfumes

June is perfume month here at the Elizabethian Tea

Throughout the month I’ll showcase perfumes that  brighten up a woman’s life.   There are some lovely ones out there.

Smell beautiful  with the type of fragrances you love.   Why not?  I discovered what I love to wear;   a  tuberose scent.   Tuberose is  beautiful, strong and high strung like soprano  voices, high notes on the piano and flute notes along with hot sunshine.  It’s  a loud scent.   This  isn’t the only theme in fragrances I favor besides tuberose ones, but sometimes nothing else will do.

(white tuberose flowers ) photo

tuberose flower

amoureuse perfume

Amoureuse by DelRae  has tuberose in it.  It’s a heavenly thrilling scent like jasmine.  You just can’t get enough of it  which is  good.   It is  strong , so  be careful where you wear it since it can be offensive to some people if they don’t care for it.  The perfume isn’t as green as this photo looks.  I love what the maker ((Michael Rouditska ) of this perfume  puts together!  Every fragrance he’s produced is worth sampling.

L Artisan tuberurose Tuberouse by L’ Artisian   is a beautiful tuberouse.  Did it really come out in 1978?? Where has it been all my life.  I needed this on my wedding day 20 yrs ago.   I’ve only  recently  tried it in a sample.  I love it.  (Best priced of these 4)

image Blu by Bruno Acampora.  It’s really blue just like German chamomile is really blue although German Chamomile  essential oil is  naturally colored.   This is a gem.  I think my life  has been enriched by sampling this!  It’s beautiful.  Seems so natural and flower like.

image Tuberosa by Profumom is a strong Tuberose too.  This and the above Blu is ridiculously expensive, but you can at least sample it for a few dollars.  I love this Italian line even though none of them are worth  their  price.

There are more perfumes with tuberose in them besides these.  What’s here  are the ones I have sampled and simply love.  Tuberose is feminine, romantic and happy- all rolled into one.   Treat yourself to a little luxury in life with some Tuberose scents.

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