a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

There’s so much in the Bible to learn

I can’t go back to a church where the Pastor says to write down all your sins (as the ushers pass out little homemade booklets for just that very thing.)  I’m learning so much though Pastor Paulson’s  online sermons along with the notes that there is no need to  go somewhere else  and hear  how to live out the 4 gospels which God never intended us to do.


All’s I can say is thank you to Pastor Paulson for his online sermons that help me have joy and help me  understand the Word of God more.   It’s refreshing to rightly divide the Bible.     I have to listen along with the notes.  There is so much to learn in one given message of his that you sometimes have to go back and hear it again.


Here’s his page of April sermons.


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