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Mobil Chicken Coop pt 2




sageland@yahoo.com Here’s  the builders contact info.    You can email him with any questions if you are inquiring about one for yourself.  I inquired… and he built it for me.  He lives 40 minutes away from me, but these can be sent on freight train so you can have one too.

hens little door This little door is where they come out of to their “courtyard” once I get it attached to the house.

henhouse-feed-box-close-upFeed box by front door (note the  nice big wooden door handle  that is easy to grip.)

henhouse-feed-holes Inside look at where the feed goes when I pour it in the outside box- goes in here to the feed trough.

henhouse-nest-box-close-upHere’s a close up of the nesting boxes from outside.  In Part 1 (previous post) you see the back view of the coop with the windows.  The long box under the windows is this- the nesting box.

henhouse-opening-to-nest-boxHere are the two openings to the nest boxes from inside.  (He really built this coop with a lot of features).

henhouse-inside-light my favorite feature of the whole coop- inside lighting, it’s wired!  I just plug in the electrical cord for the heat lamp.

henhouse-latchHere’s the latch on the front door, but it’s even better than the photo because he put a big wooden handle on after this photo was taken.  It’s visible in the close up of the feed box  photo from the outside view, 6 photos up.

Now this is a well built  mobil hen house!

I didn’t even show you the pins in  by the wheels to take out for extra turning for the wheels.

Didn’t even show you the rope that is by the wheels for easy  pulling.  Everything is painted inside (some photos were taken before the last coat of paint).

henhouse-roosting-area Roosting bars.  The hens roost up here  and especially like the red Christmas lights  I hang up on a chicken wire wreath in the winter.  they also like to sit in the roosting boxes when it’s real cold.


Here's some pullets in the coop pen.

Here’s some pullets in the coop pen.


sageland@yahoo.com  is the email to inquire about having one built for you.   Just ask for Elmer.


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