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Music origins- the history, the why, the how…


http://www.paulsonmusic.com/MusicsermonNEWpage.html This link will connect you with a wealth (and I mean a big  wealth) of music  history and know how that you will learn from.   I haven’t found anything like it on the web; it is so complete and thorough.

One time at Walmart a few years ago I was looking at some classical CD’s.   Which one should I get? Bach or Beethoven?  Which one was better?  I found out after hearing  these downloads from Mike Paulson’s  music page.

music sheet

The power point presentations were good too.  It’s so in depth that going over all the material is like taking a class on it.   Do you know what Jepeth’s music is?  How does it compare to Shem and Ham’s?

How about verses in the Bible- do you know the ones that explain the music we should be having in church?   When did style and personality come into music?  Lots of interesting  things to learn.


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