a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

More crackers

I like making crackers

Working with the rolling pin and  biscuit cutter is just what I needed today.  Made these crackers  and am finding out that it’s a neat thing to take a photo of what you  made in the kitchen.   We got 3 different kinds here- (left to right)

  1. graham flour/flax seed meal crackers.   In a mixing bowl I threw in graham flour , flax seed meal, white unbleached flour, olive oil, powdered chicken bouillon and water.  I make two balls of dough, roll out one at a time and use my neat old biscuit cutter.   the chicken bouillon gave it a salty chicken flavor.
  2. rye crackers.  Half rye flour and half unbleached white flour, caraway seeds, butter and salt.  I didn’t get enough salt on these, but they’ll go good with Swiss cheese.
  3. Parmesan cheese crackers. These were good!  first time I made em.  Unbleached white flour, some Parmesan grated cheese, marjoram, water and butter.

The only  disappointment in making these crackers is that  the rest of the family won’t eat them.  They’d rather have Cheetos, chex-mix, and pretzels.    This is a much healthier and cheaper snack  I keep telling them.


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