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egg foo yong for dinner

I really like making this.  It’s not as expensive to make as lasagna is.   Here’s about all you need: eggs, cut up chicken and some of the gravy or broth,  a few vegetables, oil to cook the patties in, and rice to eat it with.   For the gravy: water, molasses, soy sauce and cornstarch is all you need.

egg foo yong march 23 09 I made this! Here’s my egg foo yong that I photographed.  I pulled up some recipe from the web, can’t remember which one , but I do know it by heart.   It is still good to look up any given recipe before you make it  since you’ll get an idea on adding something to it or some kind of variation to do.

My Egg Foo Yong tips for any recipe:

  • easy on the cornstarch.  Measure and if you have to add more,  just a wee bit at a time.
  • You wouldn’t believe how much molasses you use for the sauce.  Keep a jar of it in your pantry.
  • I don’t put any bean sprouts in because they aren’t good for you (something about bacteria carriers).  That is what I heard when I got a food serving license a few yrs ago.
  • I think my favorite thing to put in the batter is  those long  green onions cut up.
  • I fried my egg foo yong patties in 1/2 inch of olive oil.

One response

  1. Jen

    These recipes look delicious. Thanks for sharing them! I’d never thought to make a chinese dish other than a simple stir fry. Maybe I’ll make that for my family this weekend:)

    March 25, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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