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Datura Noir

It’s a coconut sweet, cherry (some say almond), jasmine heady scent that reminds  you  of suntan oil.    Wearing this fragrance   is a delightful experience that makes  life a little more rich and wonderful.     I said to myself- Who concocted this marvelous stuff?  Christopher Sheldrake is his name and I could only find one photo of him online.  He went to Grasse France to teach English to some  french perfumers  which ended up in him  learning about perfume making.   He’s English but grew up in India.

Scents and the memories they bring to mind  have a lot to do with what type of fragrances you like.   Some say it’s way too sweet, while others love it like I do.   It’s a Serge Lutens perfume that came out in 2001, but I just recently obtained a sample and smelled it for the first time.

There is a flower called Datura and it’s poisonous.  I had to hear the pronunciation of it on an online dictionary.  It’s pretty sounding, pretty enough for a name for a girl.

I’d like to try every perfume  Christopher Sheldrake made, but so far this is the only one.  One reason I like this is after it wears off, I put on my sample of “Bois de Paradis” by Michel Rouditska and that one is strong and heady too.  These two men- Sheldrake and Rouditska… wow, to be so talented and create beautiful works of art… Do they know who much  beauty they add to our lives?

There’s more to this coco-nutty story:

I figured it out.  When I tried a sample of Monyette Paris, and a sample of Carnel Flower by Fredrick Malle after Datura Noir,  I started to realize how these perfumes are based on   the  amazing fragrance of Monoi de Tahiti.   I tried authentic Monoi de Tahiti oil  to find out all the above perfumes mentioned are based on the Monoi de Tahiti oil scent which is  gardinias soaked in coconut oil.   I sure do love the scent.

There are more coco-nutty scents, but for now here’s the ones I sampled that smell just like Monoi de Tahiti oil.   *Datura Noir by Serge Lutens, *Carnal Flower by Fredrick Malle,  and *Monyette Paris  perfume oil by Monyette Paris.   The Monyette Paris perfume oil  is the most similar one with no variations.


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