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Leather scents

*Don’t miss the  5 minute video of Frederick Malle at the bottom.

image Heeley’s Cuir Pleine Fleur (Fine Leather) is just one of a good number of leather scents.   It smells of birch tar and I guess that’s what  you put on your leather boots to preserve them and maybe waterproof them- I don’t know about the waterproofing…     It’s fitting that I write about leather perfume since the last post was on those 2 horses  that passed by yesterday and horses and leather go together.    This is wearable and I like it , but I bet there are other leather fragrances I”d even like better.  This one rates very high in Lucas Turin’s review.

bandit I wrote a short post about Bandit (may 17 07) in the perfume category, but it should be revised since I didn’t tell you what I smelled.  It doesn’t smell leathery to me as Cuir Pleine Fleur does  but it is enjoyable to wear even though the reformulation isn’t like the original.   I have a hard time describing what a scent smells like.  I don’t care for this as much since there are other ones that are better, but the original must have been really  something from what I have read.

Etro’s Gomma has been around since 1989 (the year I was married) and I’ve not tried it till now.  (Hey, I just heard the neighbors horses neigh since I have the window open) Don’t you  love the leather smell in a horse barn?   Getting back to Gomma- it has a smell of leather.  I could wear this one.   I have to wear it a few more times to comment more.

daim blond serge lutens Serge Lutens Daim Blond  is a little too subtle for me, still, it is wearable,  soft as suede and mildly sweet.   I have to finish up my sample to tell you more…..but there is supposed to be some apricot scent in .  I would like to own this someday, but when i get around to it, they’ll probably change the formula .

Gerlein’s Habit Rouge is supposed to have some leather in it but it’s subtle.  Was made in 1965 the year I was in Kindergarten.   Oh, how I wish my mom sprayed this on me before I went to afternoon kindergarten  and sat in a big round circle  with the other kids with Mrs Story  there as our teacher.   I would have felt so pretty wearing this.

I love the stuff.  It’s powdery, leathery and has  a very light tobacco  affect all rolled into one sniff!   I put this on in the morning, have coffee and read  out of Philippians (trying to get a lot out of that for bible reading lately).   The morning is a good time to put on a scent because your sense of smell is at it’s peak then and you can figure out what’s in the   fragrance,  also it blends in with your clothing and skin for the rest of the morning.

This 5 minute piece with Fredrick Malle doesn’t have anything to do with leather but isn’t it refreshing to  hear what he has to say?  I see my favorite perfume maker up there in a frame!   Michael Rouditska. (bottom left, standing with the leather jacket on).

I just found a fruity  leather scent not included in the above ones and this is the one for me- Edmond Roudistka’s  Le Parfum de Therese the perfume he made for his wife.  Consequently, his son Michel Roudistka is the man behind the DelRae perfumes that are wonderful (the guy in the photo with leather jacket on).  I’ll make a separate post in the future of Le Therese.


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