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Azzaro Couture

Azzaro Couture spray samples came for me in the mail today.   Keep in mind Lucas Turin rates this 4 stars- which means “Recommended” . It  is  floral, light and pretty although  I never wore the old Azzaro from the 70’s,  this reformation of it reminds me of L’Air du Temp the  first perfume I wore  at 15 years old, and also smells like Gucci Envy, yet much better.

The perfumer who made this reformation, his Dad created L’Interdit a long time ago in the 50’s.  I love L’Interdit and have a small thing of it, but can’t wear it around my husband since he hates it.   Come to find out he likes Vetiver and musk, heavy heavy instead of well put together florals.

Violets, cedar wood creamy florals, fruity  something- these are what’s in it, but the way it is all put together must be “just right” to give it a good rating.  Wish it would last longer although it is likable and pretty.  I like this one enough to buy someday.  Even when you spray a lot on,  it stays controlled and isn’t overpowering.   There’s a nice floral/fruitiness  to it after you’ve had it on for a while, but at the beginning I only get florals.    Try this one, you might just like it too.

The Beauty Alchemist  blog has a post on Azzaro Couture with more information that is interesting.  1000fragrances (Octavian Sever from Paris) has a post about Azzaro Couture too.   Chandler Burr rates this one too http://themoment.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/22/scent-notes-azzaro-couture/#more-575 .       It’s neat to read  what everyone smells in it- grapes, mango…violet leaf… and they don’t all list the same things.   Don’t forget “Now Smell this” blog, the  June 15th post on Azzure.

I bet I’d like the first creation of it from the 70’s because this new one is too light and breezy on me.   I need a stronger version of it which makes me think of what I read somewhere- Americans like strong scents compared to other people.


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