a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Had a Tea today

tea ladyI love these old Victorian photos, like this one-  she’s having tea while balancing her hat on her head.

cookie 007cookie 007cookie 007 Took this photo as I was waiting for everyone to arrive. Some of these photos dont’ show up, but put the curser over the spot where the photo is, try that. It was a good afternoon.  Sorry for all those who could not  make it.   Invited the ladies from church.    It’s good for ladies to get together with no better occasion than the dead of winter!

tea pouring

In this 2nd photo is a Cosco pumpkin pie plastic container that I saved.  I put 4 rows of cookie 001different cookies in it.   One of the things I made were these little “cherry cups”  with 3 ounce Dixie cups consisting of: chocolate graham cracker/butter  on the bottom,  Wilderness brand cherry pie filling ( 3 cherries for each cup), next on top-  heavy whip cream whipped with some sugar, and a little chocolate animal cookie on top.  cookie 003

Thank you to a fine lady who gave me some beautiful tea cups.  Thank you to a fine lady who washed up the tea cups afterwards, thank you to all the fine ladies  who came.   Thank you Emily for the 13 cents left by where you sat.  Did you leave a tip?  I’ll bring it to church for you in case you didn’t.

ladies fan


One response

  1. quilt32

    That all sounds so wonderful. You and the ladies are very lucky to be able to spend time together, winter or not.

    January 25, 2009 at 3:35 pm

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