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Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

treat 001 These are the plastic ladybug molds I used (propped up by some red carnations).  In the photo some of the molds have been filled, ready to be tapped out.  I like Kona coffee beans because they are mild, not bitter ones.  The right molds were hard to find.  I didn’t want the individual hole to be too big or too small.  This ladybug plastic sheet was $2.39.  I got two of them.  On one sheet they have 3 ladybug sizes.  Only 2 worked- the 1 1/8   ladybug hole and the next size down ladybug- 3/4.  The smallest hole was too small.

Here are my chocolate covered coffee beans that look like ladybugs!   I tapped on the molds with a big spoon to get them  out.  I used Ghiradelli  and other brands of chocolate.  Mixing 2 different kinds works well.  Water in a small pan, little steel mixing bowl on top of that to melt the chocolate.

Take it off the stove right after it’s melted (stir it as it is melting).  Get it in a baggie, cut the tip  bottom  corner off, then blop a little in each ladybug mold.  Quickly put the coffee bean  in each ladybug, then more chocolate .  Have to work fast so the chocolate doesn’t harden.  Scrap excess chocolate off each ladybug so you get a flat bottom on each ladybug. I found my pastry thing to use instead of a baggie.

Close up of the chocolate covered coffee beans in a ladybug mold.  This close up is of the biggest  ladybug- 1 1/8 inch which is about the width of a nickel.

Cellophane bag of ladybug chocolate covered coffee beans to give away with label and ribbon.   I hope my Mother likes them. 

These are great!  Love having a few of these around for when I have a cup of coffee or tea!


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  1. I don’t know how my post ended up in someone else’s name, but here I go again: I’m very interested in covered coffee beans because my family loves the smell of coffee beans.


    December 12, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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