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homemade oat crackers

Made some more crackers.  These are oat crackers but if you think it looks like Hard Tack, it probably does.  I’ve read about Hard Tack, the cracker/biscuits that the civil war folks ate.  The army’s Hard Tack was sometimes infested with bugs so it’d float in their coffee….something I read somewhere,  mine doesn’t have bugs in it.   I use half oat flour and half unbleached white flour.  I’ll make the next batch thinner when I roll them out.

This one down below (on the blue) encased in a museum looks like a baby’s teething biscuit.  The original recipe didn’t have any lard or oil in them from what I read (mine do).  You can just imagine the jokes around our house about my oat crackers!  He he he.

Here is the real Hard Tack:
imagephotos from Wikipedia  web site on Hardtack.

One response

  1. Those look so good. I need to make some crackers to go with an extra cheese ball, left over from Thanks Giving. I like thin malt barley crackers.

    December 2, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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