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Black Pine Tar Soap

This soap is just great.  I love strong smelling things and this is strong smelling.    It is a  4.5 ounce bar of Black Pine Tar Soap from http://www.mosoap.com/ (the mo is for Missouri).    I make 2 bars out of this one bar by slicing it the long way.  Fits into your  hand better  when you make 2 bars out of the one.   I put the coffee cup in the photo so you can see how big the soap is.

After I take a bath with this soap, I have to wait a little bit to put on some perfume since   the soap is nice and strong .    There is eucalyptuses in this bar but you can get it without .   The eucalyptus combines great with the pine tar.   Spicy strong perfume is what I wear after using this soap since it would drown out lighter scents.

The initial reason I got this soap was for when I clean out the henhouse.  Last year my husband got bit up all over after cleaning out the henhouse  and had to go the doc for some kind of cream to put on the bites  along with a pill he had to take.   Wish I had this soap to try first for him, but I found it after his chicken lice incident .  Don’t know for sure if it was chicken lice, probably was.

The woman who makes this soap  was so generous and kind by sending this soap free of charge because she didn’t fill my order in 2 months on account of being out of town while caring for her mother.   She told me to just purchase some more at another time.   I think  I’ll do that!    She had a walnut soap that I wanted to try too.


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  1. christashjian

    Black soaps are amazing for skin problems, I work for a company that actually imports all natural soaps from Africa. Africa Imports

    November 23, 2009 at 10:07 am

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