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Thankful for my home thanksgiving 08

looks inviting!

I’m thankful for this home we have.  It took a long time to get out of rentals in our married life so I’m very thankful for having a mortgage compared to a monthly rental fee.    How does a man and wife get a home in their name without help from their parents?  It’s not easy to get that down payment.  A place to call your own  and make improvements on  can add some good memories to family life.

would you believe we lived in a rental this small- looked like this one too!

So much of where and when you buy is dependent on your husband.   Sometimes it takes a long time for him to decide where  he wants to settle and every couple’s situation is different and unique to them.    It took my husband almost 17 years to finalize things and get a home. Jobs have to be considered as well.  Employment comes and goes over the years.

If a husband knew how much their  wife  would love to  be settled and start building equity and how it could add stability to their family,  then I think  the man of the family would  be thinking about  staying somewhere permanently.    It also shows character when you can stay in one place and be known in the community for what you believe.

So many Christian couples I’ve known over this past  18  years (including my husband and I) were known to move and move so much that it was ridiculous.   Ridiculous is the right word.  All that moving goes against family life and then when the kids get to be 12 years old  and older, then the sting of not belonging to a certain steady pattern in life catches up with you and kids know that all this moving isn’t good.  A lot of moving goes against family life.


Men need other men to be friends with and settle down and raise their families but with  high  unemployment in areas of the country  it is hard to stay employed.   Churches are weak so couples  move to find a different church group to be a part of.

Sometimes we’ve moved from an area because we knew that we could never afford a house there, so why not rent somewhere else where we could possibly buy?  Every family eventually gets settled somewhere  but a lot of good memories are lost when a family finally settles when the kids are older.   I’m thankful for my husband getting  this home we live in,  for a home where I can raise layer hens and stay put and  grow old in.

Looks like just the right place for my layer hens


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  1. Denise Russell

    It took my husband and I 16 years before we bought our first home. We are now going on our fifth year living in our own house. I am thankful for our home. But, like you, I feel it is bittersweet. Soon our children will be grown and going to College. The memories that I have of them when they were small did not happen in this house, but in apartments. However, they are still my memories and lovely ones, at that. Because we rented, I was able to stay home with my babies when they needed me. It was a sacrifice but my children and the precious time we had together are well worth it. When a home is full of God’s Love blessed are all who enter!

    December 6, 2008 at 5:43 pm

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