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EID Islam postal stamp- no thanks

My husband and I got apples today at the edge of town since the granny smiths were in.  We  stopped by the post office for stamps on the way home.   When my husband got back in the car with the stamps I mentioned to him that they were Muslim stamps.  He surprised me by walking across the street to exchange them but the postal worker  told him that the stamps were not Muslim, so out comes my husband with the same stamps.   We got home and looked up the stamp online, and it was confirmed to us that the stamps were of Mulsim orgin.    My husband went back downtown to the post office  and was met by a different postal worker at the window who kindly exchanged them for those little purple heart stamps.

EID is the end of  the Ramadan  Islam season.  From what I could find out, this stamp was issued 11 days before 9/11 and they are still promoting this stamp 7 years later.

NO thanks,  I’ll take  a different stamp.  I think  they had so many left over in this little post office that they had to get rid of them.  How could the postal worker tell my husband they were not Muslim stamps when the Arabic writing is plain as can be right on the stamp?  You just Google the EID stamp and you find out about it.


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